Engineering Resources

By Jenny Kim

With the current pandemic impacting the world, many students are staying at home and therefore have more free time on their hands. For many high school students, this can be a great time to pick up some technical skills in engineering at home. Several websites provide online courses for different engineering disciplines. 

Linkengineering provides tutorials for design and engineering projects such as designing a bicycle helmet, investigating insulation materials, or building a psychrometer. This website is designed for students in kindergarten to twelfth grade. By providing in-depth tutorials and explanation guides, this resource helps students explore their creative sides and gain a greater understanding of what the engineering fields have to offer. It describes the differences between electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and other disciplines which can be especially helpful for high school seniors applying to colleges. 

NBC Science has a large array of news and videos to help students learn about new developments in the science and technology world. The site consists of videos and articles that cover topics such as DNA, robotics, and new updates regarding the coronavirus. It is especially helpful for visual learners as the website consists of more images and videos about space and the environment than articles. 

Last but not least, PBS Learning Media’s Engineering and Technology page provides students with projects and resources that lead to engineering design. This website provides lessons for each grade level. It also includes a section for possible career options that give in-depth explanations of engineering fields which can help older students choose a major and career. 

Overall, these websites are great resources for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of engineering. They provide great beginner to advanced design projects to work on. Additionally, they are useful for high school students who need assistance in choosing their major.