Long time, no see from Allgirlithm!

An update on the direction of our Substack

Hello readers!

We wanted to provide an update about the direction of Allgirlithm's Substack. We recently decided to transform from a weekly blog to a magazine-style publication: every few months, we'll send out a call for article submissions and some basic thematic guidelines, then publish the selected articles as part of an "issue".

Thank you for your patience as we make this shift, and thank you for following Allgirlithm's Substack thus far. Keep an eye out for a call for submissions within the next few months! In the meantime, we'll be gradually migrating our pre-Substack articles here, so if you ever want to read what our past writers have to say about AI, you can always check back.

And, of course, thank you so much to our in-house blogging team for their words over the last few years, as well as our editor-in-chief for helping us manage the blog workflow perfectly! Check out our website to view our full team.